Friday, April 20, 2007

Here in Toronto

Hi All,

Arrived yesterday (Apr. 20) in Toronto and dived headlong into a blitz of publicity, doing interviews with the CBC, OMNI media, BNN Business Network (that was a fun one), Star TV, various bloggers, upstarts and Naked Newsmen. I'm like an overgrown child, being sheparded around the city by my 'handlers'. (And great handlers they are at that, so thank you Ingrid and Charlene at GAT Publicity.

Hot Docs has been treating me great so far. Opening film was great, party was fun and people seem really jazzed about my film and all the films, in fact. Nice to be around so many people who are all this passionate about docs.

I lived in Toronto many moon ago, for about four months during winter. More snow than an Australian farm boy thought could ever fall in one place. Anyway, the geography is starting to come back to me...

Must dash... Another blogger/reporter awaits...


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